The Land of Milk and Honey is an audit of the American Dream, in the form of a series of photo essays and interviews with immigrant families of color.

The United States of America is famously known as a ‘land of immigrants.’ This idea is often used to signal some kind of shared allegiance or ideology between immigrants. In response, this project interrogates and celebrates the ways in which these groups are different. The way their experiences vary, intersect, and deviate, all within the spectrum of the American experience.

These families are shot in their homes and communities, by photographers of the same descent, and dressed in clothes designed by members of those same immigrant groups. We believe that it is imperative to find ways to really see one another, to look deeply and embrace the kaleidoscopic experience of what it means to be ‘American.’

The interviews capture the family's thoughts, fears, dreams, motivations, and observations. Not only is it important to see each other, it is important to listen to one another, to hear about the vast spectrum of experiences that are contained within the American identity.

To go further, the very notion of a singular ‘American Dream’ raises more questions than answers in 2021. What does it mean to seek manifest destiny on unceded land? Who has access to it? Under what circumstances? What is patriotism? What is freedom? These are just a few of the open-ended questions that this project seeks to address and answer through text and image.

It is also important to note who is not reflected in this project. Two groups in particular, the American descendants of slaves and indigenous peoples, are incredibly important groups when considering the American Dream, and the nuance contained within both of their experiences would constitute their own projects entirely.

We wanted to specifically look to those individuals of color that actively chose to come to the United States of America from elsewhere, seeking a better life for themselves and their families in the recent past.

Whether you believe that the United States of America is, was, or ever will be, The Land of Milk and Honey is entirely up to you. However, we hope that this project encourages critical thinking, openness, and curiosity amongst all Americans around this idea.


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